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We need your help to return The Star to its former glory.  Visit our shop to buy a gift, or make a donation here.  If you donate over $100 your name will feature on a “Friends of The Star” honour board in the cinema.


All money raised will go towards our goal of restoring and reopening the dress circle.

Watch our video to learn about the unique features of The Star. A lot of work is required to restore this beautiful building to its former glory and we need your help. See all the ways you can get involved below.

Star Theatre Launceston Owners - Andrew Quaile, Paul Lee-Archer, Ben Davis


Buy a Gift


Help us raise money to restore the building by purchasing merchandise with The Star logo. A perfect gift for the film-lover in your life!



Every little bit helps. We are grateful for any amount you can donate towards our fundraising campaign. You can donate securely online.

Join the Club


In 1937, The Star Theatre launched the Talkie Club. We are going to reinstate this tradition; Become a member of The Star Talkie Club and receive numerous VIP benefits.

Sponsor a seat


Become a permanent part of The Star by having your own personalised plaque on one of the seats

Take a Tour


Come and have a look around. Check the events page for details of upcoming open days and tours.

Buy the Book


Purchase a copy of the colour booklet “The Star Theatre – Past, Present and Future” by Paul Lee-Archer

Photos of the current state of the dress circle